With just a glimpse at the accomplishments and career achievements of my own children and their classmates, I have watched our Brea students attain their highest aspirations, and so much more.

It would be my honor to continue the work that enables all Brea’s parents to see our kids launch into the world as the best and brightest graduates. I have seen what we are capable of. With proper prioritization and experienced leadership, I am confident that Brea Schools will continue to bring new families to our city and exceed educational benchmarks. 

My Priorities:

  • Career Technical Education Pathways programs that would guide and support our students to achieve their dreams and goals.

  • Teach Real World Financial Literacy skills to establish and increase each student’s understanding of personal responsibility and equip them with the independence and resilience our next generations will need.

  • Implementation of an Ethnic Studies program linked to a responsible Civic Engagement curriculum that develops empathetic, collaborative, solution focused citizens.

  • Promote World Language educational opportunities that enhance students’ ability to engage and compete on global platforms and in a global economy.

My Points of Focus:

    Ensure long term success for ALL BOUSD students, families, and extended community.

  • Equip our education team to develop our students into local and global influencers through dynamic learning experiences.

  • Cultivate a growth mindset to develop resilient citizens who are empowered to face adversity.

  • Provide unlimited possibilities that ignite the educational imagination of all learners to thrive in our ever-changing world.

  • Create an environment that fosters a sense of belonging to celebrate the unique qualities of our diverse community.

  • Continue to improve BOUSD’s communication, transparency, and engagement to validate what is working and find opportunities for improvement.

  • Push for the broadcasting of school board meetings so that anyone can watch the process and be informed of current happenings.

  • Always seek out new methods and recognized best practices to enhance our district’s performance.

  • Promote a culture that connects fiscal resources to student achievement while meeting or exceeding State mandated budget requirements.