A little bit about what got me here and keeps me going. I’m the very proud mom of five young adults who went through our amazing Brea schools and graduated as BOHS Wildcats. They’ve now gone on to pursue software engineering, an emergency room residency, law, business, and computer science. 

I worked as a Human Resources Executive, focusing on organizational effectiveness, until my husband and I became small business owners and I shifted my focus from the corporate world to supporting our kids’ education. That quickly morphed into being a full-time volunteer in our Brea schools, where my passion for kids grew and ultimately led me to run for the School Board in 2008. 

During my time on the Board, this district has thrived through some very challenging times where we were faced with fires, State funding reductions, reduced staffing, and earthquake damage that led to a year-long school closure. Now we must navigate the remote education of our students through a global pandemic and their safe return to the classroom. But even in difficult times it’s a joy and an honor to serve on this Board and work to create solutions to the challenges facing our district.

The need for continuous improvement to meet the demands of an ever-changing world on our students fuels my drive.

As I look ahead, I will continue to find inspiration in the work we do for Brea’s students while protecting BOUSD’s financial future. 

Providing our students with the highest quality Academic and Career/Technical Programs in facilities that are safe, well maintained, and set the stage for emerging global careers.

Always balancing academic challenge and rigor with support for ALL students to learn, grow, and graduate from our district with every possible tool for success.

I love our unique Brea community. I love our fantastic teachers & schools and have worked extremely hard for our students and their families. If re-elected, my experience will empower the work needed to strengthen the quality of our educational programs and the effectiveness of our schools. Maintaining the well-earned acclaim of our schools is essential to our children’s future.

I strongly believe the best investment we make is any investment we make in our Kids.

Thank you,